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Military Industry 4.0 concept. Armed Innovation Secret Production. Army Industrial Automation Information Technology Manufacture.

for a leading range of top Electronic Manufacturers around the world. Our partners are here to support us with your requirements.

When it comes to allocating hard-to-find stock/parts In high/low market situations,  our sourcing team is available on hand to handle requests for any projetc in any scale.

Our partners are trustworthy and have years of experience to supply the best quality original parts, risk free.

We have the capability to conduct any lab testing according to customer request.

We are obligated to our customers and stand behind our commitment to the quickest response to ensure the best price quote and delivery.

Our specializes in design-in from getting requested components to complete design  according to customer requirements

You bring your project info to us, out specialized FAE team will support you and advise as to best fit for you according to your requests.

Approved & Certified

ERAI Ortecs Approved

What We Offer

Mil Connectors

We specialize in electro-mechanical connectors & cables, batteries power supplies for Mil Applications and Mil Standards.


We can supply a wide range of GSM, GPS, GNSS Modules including antennas for these modules.


Our line consists of a wide range of Connectors, Terminal Blocks & Custom Cables.


We can supply a wide range of Antennas for communication, consumer electronics, and automotive electronics, RF Antenna.


Our line consists of a wide range of batteries, custom battery assemblies & Batteries for Military Applications.


We can provide heaters starting at Industrial Applications purposes and up to Aeronautics and space applications.


We can supply a wide range of LCD, LED, OLED & Dot Matrix for any Commercial, Industrial, or Medical, needs.

Power Supply

We can supply power supplies and EMI/EMC/RF filters for aerospace, Industrial, Medical, Military, and Semiconductor Manufacturing.

Filters & Inductors

Our line included Filters, Inductors, Resistors, Sensors, Switches & Reed Relays.