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Reducing costs, complexities, availability & integration of resources to ensure our customers receive the highest quality Electronic Components.

Who we are

We are Authorized Distributors for a leading range of Top Electronic Manufacturers for components and solutions in the Security & Defense, Military, Solar, Aerospace, Telecommunication, Mobile, Medical, Microwaves & RF.

When it comes to allocating hard-to-find stock/parts In high/low market situationsour sourcing team is available on hand to handle requests for any projetc in any scale.

Our strategic supply partners are trustworthy and have years of experience to supply the best quality original parts.

We have the capability to conduct any lab testing requests made by customers.

We are obligated to our customers and stand behind our commitment to the quickest response to ensure the best price quote and delivery.

Why Orecs?

We understand our roles when it comes to assisting your business with best-Authorised components, risk-free, and on-time delivery needs. As one of the top Authorized-Certified Dealers of the leading electronic component manufacturers, over 17 years of loyalty, dedication, and trust are some of the aspects which differ us from others. We listen to your needs and are here to assist your project in the best way possible, with support from beginning to end. 

Approved & Certified
Supply Chain Solutions


We support offset & FMF Programs as needed. Excellent financial support and payment terms that allows you to promote your business at all times


A wrap around team work hard in order to attend to customers' requests with the best carriers, shipment and warehouse facility.

Technical Support

Diverse support that complement or promote your technical issues and needs


Our account managers are reliable & proffesional who set goals and targets to meet costumers requirements at the best quality, lowest price.

Areas Of Expertise

Interconnect, Passive & Electromechanical

We are capable of supplying Atex Components per customer requests

Market Segments


Ortecs is a leading distributor and representative of the most reliable quality approved suppliers in the complex and wide-ranging defense and security field providing one of the broadest lines of products.

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GSM, GPS, GNSS, Modules

Ortecs partners up with the world’s leading manufacture’s in cellular IoT modules and antenna, connectors, power supply, chip antennas, cable assembly, modules

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Connectors & Cables

Ortecs is an Authorized Distributor for top Industrial-Commercial & Military Connectors & Cables.

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Passive Components

passive electronic components including resistors, terminations and inductors.

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We can supply a wide range of Antennas for computing, communication, consumer electronics, and automotive electronics, EMI/EMC Solution, Power Solution, RF Antenna.

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Ortecs is leading distributor in different types of batteris- Nickel Metal Hydride, Nickel Cadmium, Lithium-ion, Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery, and chargers. We also specialze in batteries for Military Purposes

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ortecs leads the field of heaters with top manufacturers of tubular heaters, cartridges and band heaters, etched foil, heating cables, stitched wire heating elements, finned aluminium heaters, functional assemblies, and electronic controls.

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LCD, Displays, LED

Ortecs teams up with a manufature specializing in numeric display, alphanumeric display, LED dot matrix, multi-color display module and other LED product

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Power Supply & EMI Filters

Ortecs Is an Authorized Distributor for power supplies and EMI/EMC/RF filters for a variety of markets, including Aerospace, Industrial, Medical, Military, and Semiconductor Manufacturing.

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