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In navigating the complex landscape of voltage control, our commitment to excellence extends beyond product innovation. We are dedicated to providing unparalleled technical support, customization options, and a collaborative approach to ensure that our specialized solutions meet and exceed the unique requirements of our valued customers. 

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Reed Switches are widely used in applications such as door and window sensors, proximity sensors, burglar alarms, and in the automotive industry for sensing position and speed.

Yes, Reed Switches can work with both AC and DC currents. They are versatile and can be used in various electrical circuits without a preference for the type of current.

When the liquid level rises or falls, the buoyant float moves accordingly. This movement actuates the switch, opening or closing the circuit. Common applications include water tanks, sump pumps, and industrial liquid level monitoring.

Reed Sensors are essentially Reed Switches integrated into a housing with additional circuitry. They often include signal conditioning and amplification, making them suitable for more complex applications like liquid level sensing and speed sensing.

Reed Switches are energy-efficient because they consume minimal power and only draw current when the switch is in transition. This makes them suitable for battery-operated devices and applications where power conservation is essential.

A Thermal Switch is a simple on/off device responding to temperature changes, while a Thermostat is a more sophisticated control device that regulates temperature by turning a heating or cooling system on or off.

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