Our Top Partners

Astrodyne TDI specializes in power  supplies and EMI/EMC/RF filters for a variety of markets,including Aerospace,  IndustrialMedicalMilitary, and Semiconductor Manufacturing with more than 60 years of experience as a custom Power Supply and EMI/EMC/RF Filter manufacturer, we are known for our ability to produce highly reliable and durable products for some of the most demanding industries and end markets. What’s more- Astrodye TDI  can also custom design power supplies and EMI/EMC/RF Filters to meet your exact specifications.

Quectel is a  leading global supplier of cellular IoT modules and antennas to connect devices and people to networks and services, powering digital innovation and helping to build a smarter world.

Ulti-Mate is a leading manufacturer of high density, lightweight wired Nano connectors and customized solutions, a valued supplier to OEMs all over the world. Top in military, space, aviation, medical, and geophysical exploration markets.

CONCORD ELECTRONICS is a leading manufacturer of high reliability, precision-machined interconnect components, hardware, and test accessories for various industries including automotive, avionics, energy, industrial, instrumentation, marine, medical, military, and telecommunications.

Zoppas Industries Heating Element Technologies boast an experience of over 50 years in the design and production of heating elements and systems, even completed with thermal controls for domestic and industrial applications.

Zoppas Industries Heating Element Technologies has solid competence and steady innovation in developing tubular heaters, cartridges and band heaters, etched foil, heating cables, stitched wire heating elements, finned aluminium heaters, functional assemblies, and electronic controls.