GSM, GPS, GNSS, Antenna

is a global supplier of cellular IoT modules and antennas, connecting devices and people to networks and services. Quectel is one of the leading global suppliers of cellular IoT modules and antennas. The focus areas are based on cellular and location-based modules as well as peripheral services and products in order to improve people’s lives, and helping to build a smarter world.

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Quectel specializes in the following:

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Types of Modules

Smart IoT Module-Cellular

Based on Qualcomm quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 64-bit processor with built-in AdrenoTM 308 GPU


Smart IoT Module-WiFi

Smart module with built-in Android 9.0*/10.0* OS. 

Smart IoT Module-GNSS

Based on Qualcomm octa-core 64-bit high-performance processors with built-in AdrenoTM 506 GPU, SC600T

More Products

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5G high-performance antenna technology, developed in conjunction with the second generation 5G new radio (NR) modules to handle the increased speed, capacity, and bandwidth demand of today’s growing networks. Offering both embedded and external antennas as well as combination solutions combining other protocols, these sub-6 GHz 5G antennas achieve excellent broadband performance, particularly at the lower bands.

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