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Located in Orange, California-USA for over 25 years. Leading manufacturer of high density, lightweight wired Nano connectors and various metal shell materials and plastic shells. Ulti-Mate specializes in serving the unique interconnect needs within the military, space, aviation, medical, and geophysical exploration markets.


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Micro-D Wired & Solderable

Ulti-Mate’s Micro-D Connectors are ideal for critical, high reliability applications in aerospace, military, and commercial aviation markets. They are built to the specifications of MIL-DTL-83513 for navigation, guidance systems, on-board equipment and UAV systems. The wide variety of Space Grade microminiature wire-to-board connector solutions also fit applications requiring high density, lightweight interconnects.


Micro D- Circuit

Ulti-Mate Connector Inc. offers the widest variety of thru-hole solder tail Circuit connectors in the industry.

All have mating interfaces per MIL-DTL-83513 and 24 AWG (.020 dia.) exit leads. 

Micro-D Combo

Through the use of innovative expandable tooling, Ulti-Mate Connector Inc. provides a large variety of Micro D Combo Connectors. Many combinations of Micro, Coax, and Power contacts in the standard 2 row shells from size 5 to 65 positions are available. A Coax or a Power contact replaces 6 micro contacts. For example, a size 21 connector can have 2 power and 7 micro contacts. Coaxial contacts are for use with RG 178/U miniature cables.

Micro Circular Connectors

Ulti-Mate offers a variety of tiny circular connectors ranging in size from ultraminiature to near-double-density 38999 styles. Microminiature circular connectors are designed for rugged durability and use for high density and lightweight applications. The range of families allows you to find the best choice to not only meet your space constraints, but other needs for high-speed, rugged applications.

Nano Wired Connectors

Ulti-Mate Connector is the leading manufacturer for high density, lightweight Nano wired connectors. The Nano connectors are offered as metal or plastic shells, with metal shell materials such as: aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium. Additionally, we offer our full line of Nano connector’s styles in fully molded liquid crystal polymer bodies. Ulti-Mate’s Nano connectors are offered with a wide choice of stranded wire types as well as pre-wired stranded in wire to wire applications.

High-Temperature Connectors

Ulti-Mate Connectors offers High Temperature connector solutions to meet the harsh environmental requirements exceeding the normal requirements of Mil-DTL-83513. We offer connectors in wired and circuit board configurations to operate at 200 degrees Celsius. They utilize high temp materials that exceed your continuous working range.

Custom Connectors

Ulti-Mate is prepared to offer custom interconnect solutions to meet the most rigid performance requirements. The development time from concept to production is unequaled including  Design tools for custom tooling to speed your concept to reality in weeks rather than months. 

Custom Cable Assemblies

Suitable for the Miltary, Mediacl, Geophysical, and Commercial Aviation. Ulti-Mate Connector Inc. designs custom precision interconnect turnkey solutions to meet all demanding requirements. From over molded back-to-back cables to multiple connector “3D” system harness assemblies,  Ulti-Mate is ready to make your concept a reality.

JSB Micro Miniature Connector Series

The Ulti-Mate family of microminiature center jackscrew connectorsand jackpost is the JSB Series. Available layouts of 10, 11, 26 and 35 contacts. The JSB Series has a full range of terminations including cable to cable, board to cable, board to board.

Circular Industrial Connectors

Spirit and Spectre Circular Industrial Connectors have served customers harsh environment requirements since 1980.Circular Industrial Connectors (CIC) are packaged and sold in modules so that users may select the exact components to suit their requirements.

Single Row Micro Strip Series Connectors

Ulti-Mate Connector Inc. offers the wide variety from 1 to 43 Micro contact positions. We have many options to choose from : guide pins, jackscrews, securing latch, mounting holes and six circuit termination styles.

Connector Saver Series

Micro-D Connector Savers are a “back to back” Pin to Socket configuration wired one to one. This provides an excellent solution for any system cable assembly or electronic enclosure subjected to excessive mating and un-mating during test or burn in cycles. Protects against excessive wear.

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