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Air Electro specializes in the following Solutions:

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 connector product category contains, but is not limited to MIL-DTL-3899 connectors, MIL-DTL-5015 Connectors, MIL-DTL-26482 connectors, MIL-DTL-83723 connectors, MIL-DTL-83513 (Micro-D) connectors, MIL-DTL-26500 connectors, Hermetic connectors, EN and BACC connectors, Micro-Miniature circular connectors, High-Speed and Fiber-Optic Solutions, Rectangular connectors, D-Sub connectors, Push-Pull, and Power connectors.

Accessories & Backshells

This product range is a proven flexible and always expanding fiber optic interconnect solution for MultiMode, SingleMode and SingleMode APC applications in aerospace and other harsh environments.

Selected as the basis standard for aerospace optical interconnects, it is widely used in a variety of harsh environments, including aerospace and military applications.

Ground Blocks, Terminal and Junction Modules

Ground blocks and terminal and junction modules are used for grounding and wiring integration devices for commercial and military aircraft. Typical applications are lighting in the aircraft, IFE and galley.

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